Microsoft For Startups’ GrowthX Accelerator Program Welcomes Second Cohort Of B2B Tech Startups

Microsoft For Startups’ GrowthX Accelerator Program Welcomes Second Cohort Of B2B Tech Startups

Press Release

LAHORE, 31st March 2022: Microsoft for Startups, in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO), today welcomed its second cohort of 21 startups to the GrowthX Accelerator program in the region.

Currently in its second year, the GrowthX Accelerator is part of a strategic partnership between ADIO and Microsoft that aims to bridge the gap between corporates and B2B startups across the Middle East and Africa by enabling them to work together and solve unique challenges.

Founders participating in this instalment of the program will work with Microsoft for Startups’ Corporate Engagement Partners DHL, Etisalat, EY, Koç Holding, Lulu Hypermarket, and PwC to co-create technology solutions that address the corporate partners’ challenges. Startups will also have the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to these corporate partners on the final day of the program.

“Abu Dhabi has been a leader in leveraging advanced technology to generate sustainable economic impact. Key to our approach has been the empowerment of innovative tech startups that play an important role in accelerating innovation and boosting entrepreneurship,” said Mohamed Al Dhaheri, Acting Executive Director, Business Enterprise at ADIO. “Our partnership with Microsoft for Startups on the GrowthX Accelerator program has been pivotal in the execution of our strategy, providing the crucial support and connections startups need for growth. We look forward to the innovations that will emerge from the second cohort of startups in the program.”

Designed to offer value both to the startups who participate in the program as well as the corporate partners who engage with these businesses, the 12-week GrowthX Accelerator empowers B2B startups with the technology, mentoring and market access they need to solve the real challenges facing corporations participating in the region. Startups from across the region gain valuable knowledge on best practices for selling, hiring, fundraising, mentoring and community building, while taking part in marketplaces, talent partnerships, investor workshops, community connects and corporate pitches.

Roberto Croci, Managing Director Microsoft for Startups said: “We’ve built on the success of the first GrowthX Accelerator to develop a second edition that is even more hands-on and offers even more value for participating startups. The 21 startups participating in this event will gain incredible knowledge from mentors in the program that will not only help them scale their businesses, but drive real impact across the region. Together with ADIO, we look forward to empowering this second cohort of startups to develop their innovative ideas into next-generation solutions that can further drive our position as a global hub for technology and entrepreneurship.”

The 21 startups participating in the second instalment of the GrowthX Accelerator program include:

  • AiFlux – provider of digital solutions to the renewables and oil & gas industries.

  • DevisionX – supports organizations in the manufacturing industry in building no-code AI-powered digital solutions.

  • Event Gates (EGT Kontrol AS) – develops AI solutions for security and manufacturing verticals.

  • Farmdar - empowers farmers with actionable data to lower costs, increase yield, enhance quality and reduce waste.

  • Farmin – AI-powered platform that delivers critical insights for smart cities.

  • Greener Crop – supports farmers in leveraging technology to operate profitable farms and harvest sustainable, nutrient rich and locally grown fruits and vegetables.

  • AI - a software company with the focus in digitizing physical spaces.

  • Lune Technologies - developer and manufacturer of fiber optics and terahertz-based technology products for the aerospace, automotive, defence, energy and infrastructure industries.

  • monak e-services – on-demand delivery service

  • NutzenTech - provides data and technology-focused B2B and B2G solutions that reduce environmental footprint.

  • Nybl - a machine learning platform that turns underutilized data into actionable intelligence.

  • Occicor - helps CPG companies achieve better shelf management by transforming images into actionable data.

  • Olymon Solutions – provides smart automation solutions to unify processes of grocers and food traders.

  • Pivony - a self-service web platform used to discover conversation topics and obtain insights from real user generated data

  • PowerDev - unifies the energy market big data from multiple resources and provides a robust SaaS data analysis tool.

  • Sav – a platform that enables you to manage your finances better and is the most convenient way to achieve your financial goals.

  • Searover - provides AI and robotic solutions with a focus on predictive and preventive maintenance solutions in solar, wind and hydropwer generation.

  • Swftbox – A plug & play platform that offers retailers faster deliveries (same day, next day) through its courier network and complete fulfilment services.

  • Trade Capital Partners (TCP) - trade finance FinTech that offers working capital solutions for SMEs and startups in Emerging Markets.

  • Valorafutbol – a Software as a Service product designed to increase reach, engagement and monetization opportunities for media, sports and entertainment stakeholders.

  • Workfam – a gamified employee engagement platform

Microsoft for Startups’ current GrowthX Accelerator cohort runs from March – June 2022. For more information, visit here.