SAPM Shahbaz Gill Still Being Paid By An American Public University

SAPM Shahbaz Gill Still Being Paid By An American Public University
Despite espousing theories of a foreign conspiracy against Prime Minister Imran Khan, Special Assistant to the PM Dr. Shahbaz Gill is reportedly still on the payroll of an American public university --the details of which he has not submitted to the Cabinet Division, as he is required to do.

While he serves the PM's office, Dr. Shahbaz Gill is also currently employed as Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, earning an annual salary of $125,770.92.  The University confirmed Dr. Gill's employment and salary with the News

Dr. Shahbaz Gill has not reported either his US-dollar income or his employment with the American state university, as he is required to do. As per the prime minister's directives, all SAPM are required to declare their assets and liabilities with the Cabinet Division.

Dr. Gill has a United States green card -- a fact he has disclosed to the Cabinet Division.  He also declared properties in Pakistan and the United States, and receivables of Rs.11.9million and $40,000.

The Cabinet Division website contains the details of all assets reported by SAPM.  As of July 2020, Dr. Shahbaz reportedly owns two properties in Islamabad and a house in the US with a mortgage worth Rs.13million.  He owns a BMW and a Camry, and gold worth Rs.5.5 million.

In response, Dr. Gill issued a statement on Twitter: 'I am a professor. I don’t do corruption, I don't take contracts, I don't take any salary from the government and I give lectures for my hobby and I have got a formal permission for this. One last thing for Geo TV. I am not a corrupt person, so I won’t be blackmailed and leave Khan Sahib.'