"Instead of immediately providing relief to those who were affected by the rains, the government’s attitude was lukewarm"


Karachi rains


Karachi and Hyderabad have faced unprecedented rains in recent days. Drains and lakes, which had already been littered with garbage, began overflowing. Huge losses were suffered by the people of both cities.

In hindsight, people say this should have been expected and planned for, but people were left alone to face this crisis thanks to the apathetic attitude of all civic agencies.

I am disappointed to see that those in power did not prepare for this calamity despite being warned many times by the metrological department.

To add salt to the wounds, instead of immediately providing relief to those who were affected, the government’s attitude was lukewarm, while politicians remained busy hurling accusations on each other.

I urge all government agencies to take immediate steps to provide relief to the people and they should prepare well ahead of such calamities and be ready to provide food and shelter to the affected people.

Saira Shah,


University needs attention


The Chitral University, which was established in 2017, is facing many issues that need to be resolved immediately. Its campus needs additional buildings and staff to house more departments and faculty.

The university is approximately 15 kilometres from the main town and connected to it via Chitral-Garamchashma road. This thoroughfare is in bad condition and needs to be repaired. Repair of this road has started but it proceeds at a snail’s pace.

Since the majority of students and staff live in the main town, they have to commute 30 kilometres daily which becomes an ordeal.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government is requested to expedite repairs to this road and complete it before reopening of the university on September 15.

Arshad Sohail,

Via e-mail