Parvez Elahi Eyes Punjab CM’s Post After Getting 'Assurance' From Imran Khan

Parvez Elahi Eyes Punjab CM’s Post After Getting 'Assurance' From Imran Khan
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) president Chaudhry Parvez Elahi has said that Imran Khan assured him that if the party wins the Punjab election, he will be re-appointed as the chief minister of the province, The News reported on Sunday.

While giving an interview, former Punjab chief minister Parvez Elahi disclosed that he had provided Imran Khan with a signed document on the dissolution of the Punjab Assembly and asked the former prime minister to choose the day for the action.

"I gave him [Khan] a signed document on dissolving the Punjab Assembly in writing, along with my identity card, and instructed him to write the dissolution date himself. We respect him, and he respects us in return. He offered to make me the party's central president and made a guarantee to me that, if the party wins, either Moonis Elahi or I will become the next chief minister," he added.

Elahi also asserted that his party still has "ideal relations" with the real establishment, which he described as the backbone of the country.

"But we can't be with them today because there are some intruders there." "We have no harmony with them, so any attempts at negotiation are futile, and we don't even feel bad about what they are doing," he stated.

In response to a query regarding the Punjab police and Anti-Corruption Establishment raid at his home last week, he said that those responsible were also after Imran Khan. He added that he didn't want to name specific people because everyone was aware of who they were.

Without mentioning a specific person, Elahi said that he was under pressure not to join the PTI. He said that he had informed them that asking individuals to join or abandon any political party was not their responsibility.

The former chief minister, who had criticized the present establishment, claimed that Khan has no interest in getting into a fight. He said that the PTI chief Imran Khan’s fight was "with Bajwa sahib" and that new people had arrived since he had left.

"The new people should have thought that the team they have brought in would sink their boat," he added.