Sujawal Village Residents Stress Importance Of Living Harmoniously

Seminar held along with medical camp and tree plantation drive for residents 

Sujawal Village Residents Stress Importance Of Living Harmoniously

Establishing communal harmony was critical to helping develop the civil society in the Hussainabad village in Sujawal. Speakers stressed this during a seminar organised in the village the other day.

Members of the civil society, heads of different government organisations, representatives of the World Health Organization and notables of the locality participated in the event organised by the Village Development Organization the other day. They shed light on the role of communities in developing civil society and that low-lying areas of Sindh could be put on the path of persistent development only through communal harmony and joint strategies. 

Addressing the seminar, the Sujawal deputy commissioner said it was satisfying to note that villagers were aware of their rights and duties towards society. He noted that they have demonstrated to the people of Sindh that communities have always played a vital role in developing countries.

He was glad to see the work undertaken by villagers to maintain several projects without receiving any aid from the government.

Imdad Acharani, a local community leader, said that village residents belong to the Ismaili Muslim community and held the status of a global community led by Prince Karim Aga Khan. He further said they have facilitated local communities through various projects for several years. These projects include vocational training, medical camps, water supply and educational seminars.

Village Development Organization Representative Khamiso Muhammad Khan urged the heads of different communities to quell their differences to uplift their society. He said communal harmony was essential if they wished to tread the path of development.

He said that for centuries, their community had been working to develop the region.

“We have, over the years, encouraged women in leadership and motivated girls to seek quality education in our areas,” he said, adding that support of concerned authorities of Sujawal would help them further their network. 

SSP Sujawal emphasised the importance of environmental development and urged local communities to support the authorities in eradicating crime from the district. 

Mooruludin Muhammad Saleh Ashraf Akber and other local leaders also addressed the seminar.

Before the seminar commenced, a free medical camp was set up at the community hall for village residents. As many as 1,500 patients were examined by a 15-member team of specialists and paramedics. A health awareness session and tree plantation drive followed. 

During the health awareness session by the Sujawal district health department and the Aga Khan Health Board for Thatta and Shahbunder, participants were apprised about how they could maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid the onslaught of non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and angina. 

Doctors also stressed reducing substance abuse that has been contributing to an increased threat of cancer and other fatal diseases. 

Despite his ill health, District Health Officer Dr Haneef Memon visited the camps and discussed his department's projects with village residents.

A tree plantation drive was inaugurated by the Sujawal District Commissioner Abdul Wahid Sheikh and Sujawal Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Shahela Qureshi. 

The author is a practicing lawyer and freelance journalist. His areas of interest are cultural diversity and socio-political issues of Sindh.