SUCH GUP: Man of his word

SUCH GUP: Man of his word

Man of his word

One of the unsung heroes of the current political saga is Chory Shuj of Guj. Although ailing, he was adamant about honouring his pledge to The Man of Steel, and supporting the new government. As we know, his cousin Chory Perverse reneged on his deal with the PDM; he couldn’t resist the pressure of his son and heir, it is rumoured, and signed on the dotted line with The Great Khan. It’s also common knowledge that Perverse and The Khan can’t stand the sight of each other but “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, as they say.

We hear it was Chory Shuj who, after he learnt from the TV channels that Perverse & Son had done the dirty, insisted on his stalwart resigning from The Khan’s cabinet. He also ordered his own son, a member of Parliament, to vote with the PDM to dethrone The Khan.

Our mole says, before all this happened, there was a no-holds-barred conversation between The Man of Steel and Chory Shuj. It was emotional, truthful and cleared the air between two men who had a lot of shared history. This it was that Chory Shuj, when faced with Perverse’s treachery, decided to go his own way and honour his commitment. He told his family that he was an ill man and he was not prepared to dishonour himself by reneging on his word at this stage in his life.


The recently held veterans’ presser was more opaque than it was clear. For starters, a hidden fact was that the Isbad Press Club was booked for the event by none other than a US citizen-cum-hack, one of the people who’s supposed to buy into the “US conspiracy” drama. Another interesting hidden aspect was that most of the so-called veterans were directly or indirectly connected with The Great Khan’s horde. Last word: the vets purposely tried to provoke a reaction from the courageous journos who had gone to cover the event. They hurled abuse at one journo, and the other was told he wasn’t worth talking to. Both, naturally, ended up asking the vets some very uncomfortable questions.

Done & dusted

Amidst the memorable events celebrating 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II on the British throne, one happening hasn’t received the attention it would have in ordinary times. And that’s the Brit PM’s state of “affaires”. Yes, his nth wife/partner has caught him cheating again, rumour has it, and has decided to call it quits before he does. BoJo narrowly survived a vote of no-confidence. We hear his wife Carrie is all set to return to her erstwhile partner, none other than Zak Goldsmith, The Great Khan’s ex-bro-in-law.