Stopping Ahmadis From Practicing Faith Is Gross HR Violation

Stopping Ahmadis From Practicing Faith Is Gross HR Violation
The incidents of forcefully stopping Ahmadis to sacrifice animals on the auspicious occasion of Eid ul Adha, increased manifold this year. Across Pakistan, vigilantes marked the houses of Ahmadiyya community members, and the police were right by their side, supporting and aiding their efforts. Without any legal authority, these vigilantes attacked Ahmadiyya's houses, trespassed on the premises of various homes, broke into properties, and threatened and manhandled many members.

This atrocity did not end here, as police, at the behest of these vigilantes, registered frivolous cases against members of the Ahmadiyya community. The vast majority of Ahmadis were also denied the opportunity to pray on Eid ul Adha.

These actions by the police and vigilantes were in contravention of the fundamental rights under Article 20 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Such acts were also in violation and utter disregard of the Supreme Court ruling in the case Cr1.P.916-L/2021, dated January 12, 2021, passed by Honourable Mr. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah and Mr. Justice Amin-ud-Din Khan.

The Supreme Court, in the said judgment, categorically declared that Ahmadis are allowed to practice their faith freely within the four walls. Regardless of these clear orders of the Supreme Court, the police appeased the vigilantes instead of protecting the rights of the persecuted Ahmadiyya community.

As per statistics, 23 applications and complaints were submitted at various police stations to stop Ahmadis from slaughtering animals. In order to appease the extremist vigilantes, Punjab Police harassed Ahmadis for not slaughtering animals in 89 places. In four places, Ahmadis were barred from offering Eid prayers. There were 28 surety bonds that Ahmadis were forced to submit. A police inspector in Gujrat publicly announced through the speaker of a mosque that it is essential to become a Muslim before slaughtering an animal. 13 Ahmadis have been booked in six cases, whereas seven Ahmadis are arrested in various districts. 10 animals were illegally taken into custody by the police.

Five Ahmadi houses were illegally searched by the police, breaching their fundamental right to privacy at home, and the meat was illegally taken into possession by the police. On 11 occasions, Ahmadis were harassed and intimidated by the miscreants.

The spokesman of the Ahmadiyya Community said that these gross violations of human rights by the extremist vigilantes, with the backing of state functionaries including police, This is happening in the sacred name of religion, in contrast to what the government of Pakistan states internationally.

On one side, the government is silent on these atrocities at home, and on the other, the same government is concerned about similar events of persecution in other countries. "We demand that all these baseless and frivolous cases against Ahmadis be dismissed immediately, and all the innocent Ahmadis be released without delay," he added.