[Dubai, 12th November 2021] Punjab kicks off the second week for its month-long show at the Expo 2020 Dubai with a range of cultural performances under its theme of #PunjabEase Going Global, for the Pakistan Pavilion. Pakistani artists have already caused a stir at the expo with their vibrant and energetic performances to pave the way for Tourism Development Corporation’s seminars and projects during the second week of the month.

The highlight was Punjab Cultural Troupe’s performances at the Jubilee Stage, which also featured the Pride of Performance-recipient Fazal Jutt. The performances by the troupe included camel dance, Punjabi tappay, sufi dhamal and the cultural dances performances.

Dressed in vibrant colours, the troupe had an array of traditional performances for the visitors to indulge them in the sounds and colours of Punjab. The event included camel dance of the Cholistan desert, a tabla performance evoking the rhythms of the four provinces, traditional Punjabi dhol-dhamal performance and a stirring musical narrative performance by Fazal Jutt.

On the other hand, Pakistani stalwart musician and sitar player Rakae Jamil was a sensation at the Expo 2020. Twenty-five local Emarati musicians and artists from around the world -  including Pakistan and Punjab's very own Rakae Jamil - were invited to collaborate for a dynamic Khaleeji-led jam session.

Jamil has worked with some of the most prominent names in Pakistan, and has been featured on Coke Studio Pakistan. He has also won several gold medals from the All Pakistan Music Conference (APMC), the biggest patron platform for classical music in the country.

The jam sessions, Jalsat Nights, took place at the Jubilee Stage, Expo 2020 Dubai, allowing visitors to experience the mesmerizing music of the Arabs and other cultures. The collaboration was aimed at synthesizing musical traditions from around the world to create a contemporary and modern sound that incorporates history and heritage in its flavour.

#PunjabEase at the Pakistan Pavilion is currently showcasing the history, multiculturalism, hospitality, contemporary entertainment and emerging modernity of the province via a series of concerts, seminars, business conferences, and webinars by various departments of the Government of Punjab.

#PunjabEase is highlighting the province of Punjab as the “next” investment and business destination in a new light. These efforts are aimed at generating a consistent stream of foreign spending in Pakistan that will directly benefit local businesses in the hotel and hospitality, estate development, and tourism industries for the long run.