Pakistan's Population Growth Rate Hits 1.9% Annually

Pakistan's Population Growth Rate Hits 1.9% Annually
As a United Nations report revealed on Monday that the total number of humans on the planet will hit eight billion on Tuesday, it was also found that Pakistan's population is increasing at a growth rate of 1.9% each year.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in a press release on Monday said that Pakistan is one of the eight countries where more than half of the increase in global population will be concentrated by 2050. The other seven countries include the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, the Philippines and Tanzania.

According to the press release it was revealed that nearly half of the population that contributed to the jump from seven billion people in 2011 to eight billion people in 2022 was from Asia.

Regarding the eight billion milestone, UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres said in a statement, “The milestone is an occasion to celebrate diversity and advancements while considering humanity’s shared responsibility for the planet."

“Some express concerns that our world is overpopulated,” said United Nations Population Fund chief Natalia Kanem, adding, "I am here to say clearly that the sheer number of human lives is not a cause for fear."

Experts did however agree that it was time for countries to take stock of the situation and assess the options it has and the choices it can make, from family planning programs and policies to sustainable and green development.