'Imran's Dissolution Of Assemblies Will Backfire in Courts'

'Imran's Dissolution Of Assemblies Will Backfire in Courts'
If the issue of dissolution of provincial assemblies goes to the courts, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf will not get the advantage that it previously did; situation isn't the same now, said analyst Ahmad Waleed at the Naya Daur TV's programme Khabar Say Aagay.

Anchorperson Nadia Naqi said Khan had now six more days, adding, "anything can happen during this time."

She stressed that it wasn't any easy to dissolve assemblies or to have prompt general elections.

Analyst Murtaza Solangi said ex-premier had no grounds to dissolve the assemblies and the same could later backfire in the courts.

Earlier today, Imran announced to dissolve the assemblies next Friday (Dec 23) and prepare for elections.

Last month, Imran said his party would distance itself from the “corrupt political system” by quitting the provincial assemblies.

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