Ahmadi Man Stabbed To Death By Madrassa Student In Okara

Ahmadi Man Stabbed To Death By Madrassa Student In Okara
A 36-year-old Ahmadi man was stabbed to death by a madrassa student in a religiously motivated attack in Okara, spokesperson of the Ahmadi community confirmed on Tuesday.

The slain man has been identified as Abdus Salam, while the murderer, Mulazim Hussain, studied at a local madrassa in Okara. According to reports, the murderer was a member of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP).

According to Saleem ud Din, the spokesperson of the Ahmadi community in Pakistan, the attacker remains at large.


Abdul Salam has left behind a widow and three little kids. The slain man's daughter is just a year old, while his two sons are aged six and four.

Ahmadi community faces persecution in Pakistan, with frequent hate crimes and incidents of mob violence targeting them. Hate speech by extremist quarters against them leads to further violence, yet the authorities do not seem to have the will to protect the community from this persecution.

Ahmadis also face mistreatment from the justice system, as many lose their lives while being tried for blasphemy.

Earlier this year, a 70-year-old Ahmadi man who was on trial for blasphemy died in Bahawalpur Jail due to alleged mistreatment despite his ill health. He was awaiting his bail hearing scheduled for later this year.

He was the second Ahmadi man to have died while on trial for allegations of blasphemy in the past year.