Victims Of Jaranwala Attacks Have As Much Rights As Other Citizens Of Pakistan: Justice Qazi Faez Isa

Punjab govt, police vow to arrest all those involved in Jaranwala 

Victims Of Jaranwala Attacks Have As Much Rights As Other Citizens Of Pakistan: Justice Qazi Faez Isa

Supreme Court of Pakistan's Senior Puisne Jude Qazi Faez Isa on Saturday stated that those who became victims of the attacks on homes and Churches in Jaranwala had the same rights as any other citizen of Pakistan.

He said this while visiting and surveying the condition in the Christian colony in Jaranwala, which was attacked by an angry mob of thousands earlier in the week over alleged blasphemy. 

Walking through the vandalised and burnt colony with his wife Serena, Chief Justice of Pakistan-Designate Justice Isa interacted with the resident Christian community and inquired about the damage and their condition.

While talking with locals, Justice Isa stated that he was deeply aggrieved over the incident.

He added that there was no Muslim who did not consider Jesus as a revered and sacred personality. You have as much a right to build a church as any Muslim has to build a mosque, he said.

If anyone attacks a church, Muslims are obligated to launch a Jihad against them, he said, adding that the Christians had the same rights as everyone else and were equal citizens, with no one having any advantage over the other simply because they belong to a different faith.

Justice Isa clarified that he was not visiting the colony because of his position. Rather, he was simply visiting as a concerned citizen. Every human is obligated to help you, he said.

Helping you people is our religious obligation, Justice Isa remarked.

Earlier, Justice Isa and his wife distributed rations and cash amongst the affectees. 

Meanwhile, a video seemed to show Justice Isa, who was there in his personal capacity, start questioning a police officer about the state of investigation into the attack and why was the statement of the top ranking officer of the district not recorded yet in the case.

Punjab govt, police vow to arrest culprits

Earlier, Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi and Punjab Police Inspector General Dr Usman Anwar separately vowed to apprehend those involved in the attacks.

In a press conference, Naqvi on Saturday, said that they were taking measures that would robustly prevent such incidents.

He pointed to his meetings over the past two days with leaders of religious groups.

Meanwhile, Punjab IGP Dr Anwar met with survivors who have been provided shelter at the government-run schools in Faisalabad and distributed food packs amongst them.

Dr Anwar assured the Christian community that they would be provided protection. He added that all those responsible for the violent actions will be brought to book.

In a video message later, he said that the police had managed to protect the lives of the people there but could not save their property, especially their worship places.

He added that they were still protecting the affected people and providing them with food and shelter.

Psychological rehabilitation and counselling would be provided to women and children while the men would return to work. He said that children of affected families would be granted admission to the government-run schools for police.

He added that they were also working with the peace communities and scholars of all religious schools of thought and the locals to ensure peaceful re-integration of the Christian community.

Earlier, a peace committee meeting was held, in which it was agreed that religious harmony and national unity would be promoted.

Later, the religious scholars and Ulema accompanied the police chief on a visit to the affected Churches.