Widow Of Slain Journalist Arshad Sharif Sues Kenyan Police Over His Assassination

'Five cops involved in the fatal shootout are back to work, and two of them have been promoted to senior ranks'

Widow Of Slain Journalist Arshad Sharif Sues Kenyan Police Over His Assassination

The wife of slain journalist Arshad Sharif has filed a complaint in Kenya against the Kenyan Elite police unit for her husband's murder.

Javeria Siddique has named the director of public prosecution, the national police force of Kenya, and the attorney general of Kenya as respondents in her case.

She has demanded that the police charged with killing Sharif go on trial and face consequences for their actions.

She pleaded with the court to require the Kenyan attorney general (AG) to give a public written apology, admit his own culpability, concede facts, and apologize to Sharif's family within seven days of the court's instructions.

"I have a case registered in Nairobi for seeking justice in my husband's murder case," stated Sharif's widow, confirming the case's filing. “Because the Kenyan General Service Unit committed a crime in public before admitting it was a case of mistaken identity, we were able to lodge a complaint against them. However, I saw it as a targeted murder. However, Kenya's government never expressed regret. We never heard from them,” she added.

The five Kenyan police officers who were engaged in the death have reportedly resumed their work without facing any consequences, leading to the registration of the case.

The five police officers involved in the violent assassination of the journalist at a roadblock in a remote area of East Africa are enjoying full police privileges nine months after the crime, and the Kenyan authorities' whitewashing of their suspensions appears to be the only reason for this.

The five police officers involved in the deadly shootout have returned to duty, with two of them receiving promotions to senior positions, according to a reliable security source.

Though it promised to provide an update on Sharif's murder within weeks, Kenya's Independent Policing and Oversight Authority (IPOA), which is in charge of looking into police officer behavior, has not released its findings to the public for more than nine months.

August 20 was the day when Sharif arrived in the capital of Kenya. He died on October 23 of last year after a shootout, during which his driver, Khurram Ahmad, unexpectedly survived.

The 49-year-old left Pakistan in August to avoid being arrested after being charged with many offenses, including sedition, following an interview with Shahbaz Gill, a former adviser of Imran Khan.