Critical Film Production At The Institute for Development Studies And Practices

"Jami's emphasis on inclusive two-way learning, connecting with truth, professionalism and continuous practice resonated with everyone"

Critical Film Production At The Institute for Development Studies And Practices

Humans undergo continuous learning and development throughout their lives, a journey that commences at birth and persists until their final days. When this process unfolds within the backdrop of life's natural elements, including food, routine, and commitment, it takes on a magical quality.

Encountering the Institute for Development Studies and Practices (IDSP) as a distinctive model was a revelation for me. Delving into Paulo Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed, where the core of human learning is intricately connected to intellectual structures within community culture, I found echoes of the same philosophy at IDSP in practical application.

The institution embodies Freire’s pedagogical model by integrating gender inclusivity, expression, and research into a seamless process. Learning from the community, applying that knowledge as a resource through a thesis-antithesis-synthesis approach, and discerning the implications mirrors the objective framework of Freire's model. Dr. Bakhtiari, perhaps drawing inspiration from this, has over the last four decades facilitated an evolutionary revolution in Balochistan through peaceful and logical means.

Gratitude is owed to friends who introduced me to IDSP via the film production session, specifically the IDSP Film Master School. Though technically a training session, it presented researched and practical concepts of film studies. My connection with Dr. Quratul Ain Bakhteari dates back to 2018, where, during a session on informal economy, we were both silent observers. This initial encounter set the stage for my eventual journey into IDSP.

My dream of experiencing this community development university came true during the film production and writing session on the 17th and 18th of January 2024, in the mountainous valley of Hanna. IDSP, a community university challenging the conventional degree culture, focuses on harnessing the inner energies of individuals, irrespective of their prior degrees or affiliations.

While Dr Quratulain Bakhteari was away for medical treatment, Jami, the trainer, embodied her spirit with contagious energy. The souls of humans need no words for explanation; one must feel and connect, creating an optimal atmosphere for learning. Jami's two-day master film school program initially raised doubts about the feasibility of covering film production comprehensively in such a short span. However, his insightful communication skills, akin to a film spirit guiding us through a dream, proved otherwise.

His charismatic personality, vast experience in film production, society, science, and arts, along with his down-to-earth approach, energized everyone in the program. Despite the lengthy sessions, his training and mentoring for 11-12 hours straight demonstrated how passion transforms into power for those who wish to share their life experiences.

Jami's emphasis on inclusive two-way learning, connecting with truth, professionalism, and continuous practice resonated with everyone. He instilled the belief that success in the film industry is achievable through the exploration of ideas present in society, incidents, and case studies. His guidance on film writing, story themes, and plot creation, coupled with the importance of artistic presentation, left a lasting impression.

While a full day of training may seem impossible, Jami's ability to transfer his experience through spiritual connectivity made it a reality. His dedication to sharing knowledge without hindrance, questioning, and explaining until 2 am reflected a passion that fuelled his commitment to teaching.

Having a background in journalism, I unexpectedly discovered my inner aspirations to become a film writer and director, thanks to Jami's motivation and the simplicity with which he presented complex ideas. The atmosphere at IDSP, observed and preserved in words, showcases the community's dedication and the transformative impact it has on individuals.

Noteworthy figures like Safdar Sb, who extensively explored sustainable projects utilizing community resources, and Arbab Taimoor, with his vision of transforming diverse programs into grand institutions for all residents, contribute to IDSP's distinctiveness. The program supporting lady Mariam Baloch, her Yoga practice, and participant commentary added a special touch to the two-day experience.

In conclusion, the natural surroundings of learning, encompassing nature, spirituality, science and arts, left me super relaxed and excited. This unique, independent experience motivates me to contribute to IDSP and the field of journalism with the knowledge gained from this institution.