All Suspects Involved In ‘Honour’ Killing Of Pakistani-Spanish Sisters Arrested: Police

All Suspects Involved In ‘Honour’ Killing Of Pakistani-Spanish Sisters Arrested: Police
The Gujrat police has claimed to have captured all nine suspects involved in the murder of the two Pakistan-Spanish sisters who were slain in the name of 'honor' on Friday. The arrested suspects include the victims’ brother and uncle.

The two sisters, Aneesa and Urooj Abbas, who were both Spanish citizens, were murdered due to their refusal to secure visas for their husbands.

The police has claimed to have apprehended the suspects involved in the crime, and say that the mastermind has confessed to committing the crime.

A case had been registered against seven nominated suspects, namely Raja Haneef alias Goga, the parental uncle of the women, who was also the father-in-law of Aneesa, her mother-in-law Farzana Haneef, her husband Atiq, Arooj’s husband Hassan, her father-in-law Aurangzaib, the brother of the deceased Shehryar, Qasid Haneef and two unidentified suspects, under various sections.

The primary suspect, Shehryar Abbas and Haneef, the brother and uncle of the slain women, were detained, along with five others: Qasid, Atiq, Hasan, Asfandyar, and one unidentified suspect.

The arrest was confirmed by Gujrat District Police Officer Ataur Rehman, who also established that the women were murdered on May 20.

According to the authorities, the women had arrived in Pakistan on May 19, and were slain on May 20. They had been forcibly married to their cousins, who wanted the sisters to help them secure Spanish citizenships and visas.

However, the sisters wanted to break off their marriages, which enraged the family of their spouses back in Pakistan. They were then coaxed into visiting Pakistan on the guise of some urgent matter.