Corruption Perception In Pakistan Worsens For 6th Consecutive Year: Transparency International

Corruption Perception In Pakistan Worsens For 6th Consecutive Year: Transparency International
Pakistan's ranking in Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index (CPI) has dropped again this year — this time to its lowest ranking since 2010, indicating the public's worsening perception corruption in public sector in the country.

Pakistan fell 16 places, from 124 to 140 out of 180 countries.  The index bases its ranking on insights from experts and businesspeople who rate the perceived level of public sector corruption. A higher ranking indicates a 'cleaner' perception of the public sector.

Pakistan's ranking has dropped or plateaued every year since 2016, spanning two government administrations.  This year is Pakistan's lowest rank since 2010, when the country ranked 143/180.

The report was released on the heels of Shahbaz Akbar's departure from his role as Advisor to the Prime Minister on Accountability.

“Human rights are not simply a nice-to-have in the fight against corruption. Ensuring people can speak freely and work collectively to hold power to account is the only sustainable route to a corruption-free society," said Chair of Transparency International Delia Ferreira Rubio.

In the region, neighboring India ranks higher than Pakistan, scoring 85/180.  Bangladesh is ranked lower than Pakistan, closely behind at 147/180. Afghanistan ranks in the bottom ten globally, at 174/180.

At the top of the list, Denmark, Finland and New Zealand tied for first place.

Globally, 131 countries have made no significant progress against corruption over the past decade, and 27 countries are at a historic low in their CPI score, according to Transparency International's report. Only 25 countries managed to improve their CPI scores this year.

Of the biggest differences this year, Canada dropped by 8 points, the biggest slide of any country, while Armenia showed the greatest improvement, increasing its score by 14 points.