Police Operation In Kacha Area Enters 18th Day

Police Operation In Kacha Area Enters 18th Day
Police have arrested 28 bandits from the Kacha area of South Punjab so far as the operation against the criminals has entered its 18th day.

A contingent of police is heading forward to the interior areas of Kacha and using boats to reach the area that comes under the river. According to the police, the criminals are escaping from the area out of fear of police action against them.

In a targeted action, police have destroyed the hideout of Ishaq Jhobra, an active member of the Sakhani gang, in the area of Kattani.

According to a police spokesperson, Ishaq Jhobra was involved in killings, abductions, robberies, and other heinous crimes.

The police have recovered a huge cache of weapons and ammunition. Moreover, thousands of hectares of land that were considered no-go areas have been cleared by the police force.

The spokesperson said that police have established the writ of the state and the law in the interior areas of Kacha. "The police force is fully committed to clearing the area from the possession of bandits," he added.