Such Gup

Such Gup

Our very own 007s

The Zainab case has proved that we have, in the Punjab Police, some capable and dedicated officers – our very own 007s! The newspapers have reported some of the details of how the rapist-killer Imran was finally nailed, but one detail that has not appeared in the press pertains to painstaking assessment of CCTV camera footage.

After little Zainab’s case came to light, the intelligence agencies installed CCTV cameras all around that particular Kasur locality. For days, police officers poured over the footage. It appeared that one man seemed to conduct a vigil outside Zainab’s home from Day One, sitting there from morning to night. Each time her father returned home from briefings with the police, the man would rush up to him and say a few words. The police found this odd and asked Zainab’s father about the man. He explained that he was a neighbour expressing solidarity with the family. Anything else, asked the police. Yes, said Zainab’s father, he was also most concerned about progress in the case. That alerted the police, and they asked for the man to be included in the DNA testing. Zainab’s father asked the man to come along with the whole family for the tests. It’s said that the man had no real idea about the import of the DNA tests – but that is how he was nailed, Muhammad Imran, the “solicitous neighbour” and naat khwan.

Big spender

Informed sources say that the late lamented Big Ben’s Hubby has spent a whopping Rs 1.5 billion on affecting a change of government in Balochistan. This he has done so that he can “manage” the forthcoming Senate elections to his advantage, given that Provincial Assemblies make up the electoral college of Parliament’s Upper House. Hubby’s Party will now not lose the 9 seats it would have done if Balochistan had remained in The Man of Steel’s camp. Our mole further reports that big spender Hubby has set aside another Rs 3 billion for the rest of the Senate elections, due in March.