Arshad Sharif Killed In Targeted Attack, Wife Javeria Says

Arshad Sharif Killed In Targeted Attack, Wife Javeria Says
The wife of slain Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif Javeria Siddique has termed her husband's killing an act of "terrorism".

Javeria made the comments while speaking to journalists. She said the family of the deceased had been made cognisant of how Sharif had been "assassinated" in a target killing. Javeria urged "this aspect" of the killing to be "highlighted". She said this ought to be done since the family needed for justice. "Today it is Arshad, tomorrow it can be you," she said.

Javeria also reiterated her call for the family's privacy be respected. "Please do not post pictures of our children. Only share material after speaking to adults in the family," she said.

Javeria also questioned why the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had made Arshad leave the federation for Kenya. She said UAE authorities had sent Arshad to where he was victim to terror. This, she said, was a "crime".

Arshad was killed in Kenya on Sunday. Local police billed the incident as a case of ‘mistaken identity’ while social media was rife with accusations. His wife Javeria, separately, reiterated calls for the family’s right to privacy be respected. Kenya media, separately, has not been buying the police version (of events).