Activist Arsalan Khan Goes On Hunger Strike Against Govt To Protest Recent Abduction

Activist Arsalan Khan Goes On Hunger Strike Against Govt To Protest Recent Abduction
Human rights activist Arsalan Khan, who was forcibly picked up from his house in Karachi by Rangers personnel, before being released amid social media outrage, has gone on a hunger strike until he gets justice from the the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) governments.

Announcing on Twitter that he is locking himself up in his house with his family, and going on a hunger strike, he said he will not call it off until he gets justice from both the PPP led Sindh government, as well as the PML-N led federal government.

He said that in the event something happens to him or his family, he has submitted his case to Allah, and said goodbye to everyone.

Arsalan Khan was picked up from his house by Rangers personnel at 4:30 AM on Friday, and was taken to an unknown place.

A Sindh Rangers spokesperson said that Arsalan was picked up based on a tip from an intelligence agency. The agency claimed that Arsalan had ‘links with a terrorist organization’.

“During the interrogation, it was revealed that the accused had received financial assistance from a terrorist organisation. However, he was released after being warned to cooperate in the investigation in the future,” said the statement by the spokesperson.

After being released, he tweeted that he was back home and thanked everyone for praying for him. In another tweet he clarified that he was not a traitor and wanted to live and die in Pakistan.

He then said that his career had been ruined because of this allegation [of treason], and asked who would hire him now, and how was he supposed to raise his kids.

Following this, he announced his hunger strike. Upon criticism from some users who said that he shouldn't force his kids and his family to go on a hunger strike with him, he clarified that only he was on the strike, and that his family was just locked up in their house with him.

He clarified that it was the duty of the Sindh government and the Interior Ministry to protect him and give him justice, and that he won't call off the hunger strike till they give him the justice he seeks.