Tense Calm In Gwadar After Several Days Of Protests

Tense Calm In Gwadar After Several Days Of Protests
Some normalcy returned to Gwadar after five days of unrelenting protests and strike in the port city, on Saturday, according to multiple media reports.

Markets and businesses started to resume and traffic seen on the roads connecting the city with Karachi and other areas. But situation remains tense in several areas as residents preferred to remain indoors.

According to Gwadar's deputy commissioner, steps were afoot to bring normalcy and restore businesses in the city.

Meanwhile, a rally was taken out in Quetta and other parts of the province against the authorities' use of force on the protesters.

A day earlier (Dec 30), the government struck an iron fist at protesters in Gwadar, imposing an emergency statute that prohibits the gathering of five or more people.

Maulana Hidayatur Rehman, who is leading the protests, said people were simply asking for their basic rights like water, electricity and jobs, and not a motorway or Orange Line.