Little To No Room For Blunders In Pakhtun-Baloch Belt: Mahmood Khan Achakzai Warns

Little To No Room For Blunders In Pakhtun-Baloch Belt: Mahmood Khan Achakzai Warns
Ziarat:  The Pakhtun-Baloch belt is once again in the eyes of storm due the emerging international political order , the realignment of powers and consequential conflicting interests. This situation warrants extraordinary vigilance on the part of political forces especially from the security establishment of Pakistan.

During a speech at the district conference held by Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) in Ziarat (Balochistan), Mahmood Khan Achakzai warned that this time there is little or no room for mistakes and blunders.  He spoke about how the region had already suffered enough due to global power rivalries and their contestation for resources and hegemony. Achakzai also spoke about how for more than forty years, Afghanistan had been turned into a battle ground of proxy wars which almost destroyed everything there but the bloodshed is still going on both sides of the Durand Line.

He called upon the workers of PkMAP, the Baloch, all political forces and the establishment to understand that there no force or ethnicity alone can turn around the looming storm and the situation demands a unified voice.

Despite the grim situation, Achakzai was hopeful that with the diplomatic efforts of China, the thaw between Iran and Saudi Arab could act as a silver line as the cordial relations between these two Middle Eastern powers may have positive impacts for the stabilisation of Middle East as well as Pakistan.

He also advised that the peace process should be widened and asked that Afghanistan should make use of China and its role on the global stage. This could be done as a means of asking that the General secretary of United Nation convene a special meeting of Security Council on Afghanistan wherein the world powers provide guarantee for ensuring the integrity and independence of Afghanistan. Before blaming Afghanistan, the world should protect it from foreign interference and intervention and in return a stable and independent Afghanistan can check the various forces of instability.

He also called upon the Taliban to convene a grand jirga to evolve consensus on inclusive government.

Achakzai further explained that Pakhtun-Baloch land, Afghanistan and Central Asian States are bestowed with enormous natural resources and the world powers have their eyes on it. While Gwadar provides the shorted sea route for it’s translation, after the development of Gwadar sea port, thus some powers wants to turn the region, the Baloch-Pakhtun land, into a major point of contestation.

No foreign power is interested in the independence of any ethnicity but is interested in their own vested interests and so the Baloch and Pakhtun need to and can protect their rights and interests through political struggle, said Achakzai. The PkMAP chief also stressed on the protect of environment which essential for promoting tourism and contributing to local economy.