Islamabad Policeman Killed In Firing Over Family Dispute

Islamabad Policeman Killed In Firing Over Family Dispute
A police official has been killed in Islamabad while attending to a family rivalry and business dispute that turned deadly after relatives opened fire.

The families of Sher Khan and Adam Khan, relatives, business partners and rivals in a bitter family dispute, turned violent in a chain-of-events which spiralled into a police car-chase and public shoot out in Bhara Kahu, Islamabad on Sunday.

Sher Khan had allegedly attacked his relative Adam Khan's family, beating and then shooting at his 25-year-old son. Upon hearing of the attack, Adam Khan notified police at the Bahara Kahu police station.

It was at the police station that Adam Khan noticed his relative, Sher Khan, driving by in a Honda Civic, before the latter opened fire at the station, injuring Adam Khan.

Soon after, Sub-Inspector (SI) Liaquat Ali exited the police station to find Adam Khan lying injured on the road, and was able to catch a glimpse of the fleeing Honda Civic.

The quick thinking SI jumped in a car and took chase of the Civic, accompanied by a police guard.  However, the two got stuck in a traffic jam and had to continue the pursuit by foot.  At Murree Road, they asked a passing pick-up truck to help them in the car chase.

The driver of the pick-up was able to catch up to the Honda Civic. The SI and the police officer began shooting at the getaway car, but the driver of the pick-up lost control and crashed into a road divider.

Two passengers from the Honda Civic returned fire, fatally wounding SI Ali. One of the relatives and an innocent bystander, Toheeb Zubair, age 13, who was working at a nearby restaurant, were also injured in the shootout.

SI Ali left behind a son and three daughters.

During the subsequent police investigation, the Honda Civic was found to be owned by a constable at the Karachi Company police station.  The constable was taken in for questioning, but later cleared of any wrongdoing.

Senior Superintendent of Police (Operations) Mohammad Faisal reported that the family, excavators and diggers for a construction company, had feuded often.