Arshad Sharif Regularly Visited Area Where He Was Killed

Arshad Sharif Regularly Visited Area Where He Was Killed
It has emerged that the slain journalist Arshad Sharif, who was shot to death by Kenyan police on early Monday morning, was a regular visitor to a farm house in the area where he was assassinated.

Arshad Sharif was reported dead early on Monday, and it emerged that he had been shot in the head twice while in Kenya. Kenyan police claimed that he was shot by an officer in a case of 'mistaken identity', however, Pakistani and Kenyan media have been raising some issues with that narrative.

A recent report by a Kenyan TV channel has revealed that a close friend of Sharif had owned a farm in Magadi, called the Kwenya farm. Locals in the area said that Arshad Sharif was a frequent visitor at the farm, and was travelling from Kwenya farm to Nairobi the day he was killed.

The driver of the vehicle was also supposedly the same friend of Sharif's who owned the farm, and not Sharif's brother, as reported by the official Kenyan police report.

The news report then raised a number of questions that have not yet been answered by the police or the Kenyan government. They asked why the police opened fire on the car if they weren't in danger as the occupants weren't shooting either.

"Why did the police not shoot at the vehicles tires to immobilise it, and why did they shoot at the passenger and not the driver?" the reporter questioned, asking why the police even opened fire in the first place, if they thought a kidnapped child was on board as per the police report.